Good to Great by Jim Collins

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Good to Great by Jim Collins is by far the best business-oriented book that I've read that can be applied to any career situation. I can see why it has gained the notoriety and respect from top level executives around the world. I have read other business type books which were more of a motivational lecture than actual years of research going into the making of one text. Before reading this book, my preconceived notion was that I would be lost in trying to understand executive jargon. That was not the case at all. Jim Collins did a great job of portraying his ideas and findings in an easy to understand manner that anyone can comprehend. Also, the graphs and illustrations were a useful tool in grasping the ideas he was trying to get across. After reading the book, I was impressed to learn of the concepts and characteristics that may aid me in the pursuit of personal greatness. Overall, there were many ideas in the book that I found interesting and educational. But, the insights that I feel have made the biggest impression are the following: Level 5 leadership, getting the right people on the bus (First Who, Then What), and the Hedgehog Concept. When trying to figure out what path to take in life, I have to confront the facts of my current state and what it is that I am after. The fox always tries to out smart the hedgehog with his attacks, but fails each time because the hedgehog knows all he has to do to succeed is roll in a ball and wait for the fox to retreat. Collins points out the only significant difference we found was that good to great executives received slightly less total cash compensation ten years after the transition than their counterparts at the still mediocre comparison companies. Collins did a great job of presenting his findings in a manner that anyone can understand. They don’t mind working a little harder or putting in longer hours because they're doing it for the love of the company not for themselves. The good to great companies figured out...
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