Good to Great Book Report

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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Good to Great Book Report
The ideas that are given in this book will stimulated my mind into becoming a leader and perhaps enabled me to bring my company ahead of the competitors. It was amazing to see how Collins spent nearly five years in comparing the mediocre companies with great companies. One most notable difference is on how the level 5 leader responds to each situation that the company faces. This book will helped me to understand that if a company becomes big, its not because of the skilled salesperson nor huge investment in advertising, but it is simply because the great CEO that bring the company into such success, was proactive in doing so, and was not afraid to face the brutal facts. A key flaw that many organizations have in common is the ignorance of current situations. Companies tend to not deal with harsh reality of what of whatever their current situation is in. Here at Shark Bites there is evidence of brutal facts that need to be illustrated so that they may no longer be ignored and we may lean towards improvement as a company. It discusses in Good To Great that many times there are emotional connections to programs or products within the company that can hinder the leadership and create a lack of willingness towards new ideas. I have noticed that within our company there is an opposite. While it may seem like it's a good thing that there are no emotional connections, I believe that it has an effect on the work ethic. Whether it is at the booth or within our departments, I have noticed that people will only do what is assigned to them and nothing else. When people are working at the booth, they will arrive, grudgingly do the work needed, and leave. If nothing is assigned to the people, then no work will be done. This apathetic view of the company does not help with growth. I encourage the leaders of the company to find the flaws and fix them by delegating more work for their department and themselves, instead of going with the flow of...
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