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  • Published: March 10, 2013
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By Kim Hookem-Smith | Yahoo Lifestyle – Fri, Mar 8, 2013 10:29 GMT Jayne Torvill and Lisa Faulkner have spoken out about their difficult and heartbreaking experiences of trying to conceive by IVF.

Despite improvements in IVF success rates, in eerily similar stories, both revealed how their desperation to become mums took over their lives before each came to the decision to adopt.Jayne Torvill opened up about her struggle to conceive and lack of success with IVF ©ITV

Jayne, 55, half of the super skating duo Torvill and Dean, broke down on Piers Morgan's Life Stories as she spoke for the first time about her trials to get pregnant and how an ectopic pregnancy left her devastated.

Lisa, 41, explained how she put herself through four rounds of IVF, which left her a 'walking mess' and wiped out her life savings. And with Anna Friel, 36, admitting she's looking into freezing her eggs for when boyfriend Rhys Ifans is ready to become a dad, we looked at what you need to know about your fertility now.

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IVF success rates

The latest figures from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) show that around 25 per cent of IVF cycles using a woman's own, fresh eggs, result in a live baby at the end.

However, success rates are clearly related to age. Women aged 35-37 have a success rate of 32.3 per cent but this decreases with each age group beyond 37. 

* 27.7 per cent for women aged 35-37
* 20.8 per cent for women aged 38-39
* 13.6 per cent for women aged 40-42
* 5.0 per cent for women aged 43-44
* 1.9 per cent for women aged 45+

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For frozen egg (which is what Anna Friel is talking about), success rates were similar for each age group but slightly less successful overall, with around 22 per cent of cycles ending up with a live baby.

Though Anna blithely said she would freeze her eggs, it's not quite as simple as that. Though the...
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