Good Things

Topics: The Lord of the Rings, One Ring, Middle-earth Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: February 28, 2013
English IV
Ms. Ferrell
Period 6th
Lord of The Rings
Frodo is my hero because, he tries to save the colony and the villages of more Orks. Also one of the things is that Frodo never gives up, he attempted to do good things along the way and in the great company of Sam is like family. Sam is a fighter that helps Frodo trying to get to Sauron and save humanity (pag.16). Sam is the companion who never leave him alone because one of the most honest and more seasoned. I have encountered a number person who had expressed to me their opinions of Tolkien’s character Frodo (pag.57). Some people believe that Frodo is weak. For one, since it is a small hobbit, believe that being small affects their actions. And then the other things that they have the weak spirit. Well, for all those who things devil Frodo is not true because, some things that being small cannot do something and that’s what makes it different from Frodo (pag.72). Frodo is not weak or a bad person. Frodo is a unique character, Frodo has something that most people do not have and that is the force that allows you to do things that people think are very hard to come by, and indeed some of the things that people do not see is that sometimes appearances are deceiving. Has Frodo been given a task to bring the ring to rescuing the world gives bad was coming. Frodo had to go to Mordor to destroy the ring, for the Orks and Sauron, also lost strength (pag.102). Frodo knew he would face many unknown forces and also not knowing what would happen to him, but his willpower was even stronger than that anything. Frodo would face many evidence, Sauron and would put more obstacles was to get Mordor, and Frodo know that this was the last battle, I had to fight for his life and those of more. Ando won, but it was easy, that Frodo well knew that defeating Sauron wars would end (pag.120). Frodo to accept the task you had to do was very difficult. To bring it into compliance was another matter. If any of the...
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