Good Thief

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Imagine being stuck with strangers, strangers that are dangerous deceiving thieves. Ren suffers through that exact situation in this passage from The Good Thief. It makes one wonder why did Tinti portray Ben and Tom as thieves, or why did she portray Ren being terrified of this act? One will find out through her imagery, diction, and selection of detail that conveys both her tone and her underlying theme in this passage. To begin with, Tinti uses imagery to portray her underlying disapproving tone towards people like Ben and Tom; lying cheats. For example, when Ren came to the horrific realization that Ben and Tom have committed a terrible sin, Tinti showed that “Tom scratched his beard, and they seemed just the same as before” (pg.73). This passage shows that while Ren's world is falling apart with this realization, Ben and Tom seem completely calm. They makes it seem as if it never happened, almost as if they were indifferent to the fact that they have committed a wrongful sin. This act of indifference makes them seem sinister. By showing this sinister or different side of Ben and Tom, Tinti shows her disgust through Ren's fear. She makes one believe that these type of people should not be allowed to roam around the world. In conclusion, Tinti portrays Ben and Tom as sinister and deceiving in this passage to show her disapproving tone towards people like them; thieves and liars. To continue with, Tinti uses her strong use of diction to furthermore show her tone towards grave-diggers or the act of grave-digging. For example, Tinti wrote Ren's thoughts such as, “the wedding rings …
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