Good Parent

Topics: Parent, The Child, Parenting Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Being parents must have many variable quality or responsibility for their children. Parents play a major role in the life of a child that the children can learn what they live with their parent. Good parent is invaluable to our society as lack of good parenting in can have long-term effects on children and on society. Good parents are those who are self-sacrificing, teachable, curious, and diligent. Firstly, one quality of a good parent is one who is self-sacrificing. A good parent does all he or she can to meet the needs of his or her children. Notice this is the child’s needs, not wants. Good parent should content children's material needs, namely a home, food, clothes, and so forth. This provision should help at least on the level of minimum children's requirements or better depending on parents financial capabilities, though not infinitely better so that not to surfeit and consequently spoil the child. Secondly, many decisions parents make are guided by the end goal of meeting these needs; decisions such as, the way money is spent and even how much or how little personal time is taken for oneself. Self-sacrificing does not mean that a parent gives up his or her life for their children, but they do end up putting much of their life on hold in order to put the child’s needs first. Good parents should actively promote child's physical and mental development. This include disciple the child, habitual the child to physical exercises and studying, providing the child with as best education as possible, and edifying or advising the child on any problem he or she encounters during life. Thirdly, good parent needs to be teachable. This is not to say that as a parent, you have to heed all, or even most of the advice readily given to you, especially if this advice conflicts with your values and ethics. However, if there is no conflict, a good parent should be able to accept the advice and mull it over for possible use or implementation. Parents make mistakes, it is...
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