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Topics: Fear, Phobia, Acrophobia Pages: 3 (696 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Psychological Disorders: Acrophobia

Antonio L. Monroe

Fayetteville State University

There tons of psychological disorders out there in the human population. Among the most common are Phobias. The term phobia means “fear of”. Acrophobia the fear of heights, being a phobia that I myself can relate to I decided to make that to focus of this paper. Phobias if not taken seriously can put tremendous strain on your body and mind.

Antonio Monroe
Final Paper
There are literally thousands of different types of Psychological disorders among the most common are phobias. Phobia is the suffix meaning “Fear of”. Acrophobia, the psychological disorder that makes patients feels incredibly uneasy being any amount of distance from the ground depending on the severity of the condition. When Acrophobia kicks in it causes instant panic. Having Acrophobia myself, I know the feeling of being off the ground. There are treatments that are meant to help individuals cope and/or overcome the phobia of height. Acrophobia is amongst the most common of phobias.

Whether climbing on a ladder or to the top of a rollercoaster, Acrophobia is the fear of being any distance from the ground. The more intense your psychological fear is, the shorter your distance from the ground has to be before you start to show fear. For some Acrophobia does not kick in until they look out the window of an airplane. While for others having your bed to high off the ground can be a fearful thing. Acrophobia is characterized by extreme anxiety in heights. People with acrophobia get panic attacks in a heights and wants to quickly go down.  In addition they fear that they will fall from the height. However they behave perfectly normally when not on heights.  In addition they may have features of anxiety. Anxiety symptoms are classified as physical and psychological. Symptoms of Acrophobia include but are not limited to: trouble breathing, headaches and, a nauseous...
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