Good or Evil

Topics: Human, Thought, Thomas Hobbes Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Are Humans Born Good or Are Humans Born Evil?

Humans have been on Earth for about 100,000 to 200,000 years. We are part of the hominidae family. In other words, we are “modern man and extinct immediate ancestors of man.” We have brains and with them we are able to consider thoughts. With abstract brainwork, it allows us to categorize ourselves under “perceptive”. Everybody has a different understanding or idea about something. Most of the time, humankind will anticipate the worse instead of the best. This, which leads into the topic question, “Are humans born good or are humans born evil?” Philosopher Thomas Hobbes regarded that humans are innately evil where in fact; Rousseau believed humans is innately good. Although the question has been debated for many years by Philosophers, there hasn’t been an accurate decision till this day. In my concern, Humans are born evil. The world may be a beautiful place but those who live in it are not.

Man has no true nature. Babies are not born knowing how to be good or evil. As it grows older, it is taught and influenced by their environment. What is right and what is wrong, they make that decision themselves. Although it is just a perspective, we decide what’s best for us and it is usually what will hurt others. Thomas Hobbes stated, “Their passions bring about a state of war…” What changes the behavior of mankind is due to their experiences. If a child is raised from itself, the hatred towards the people who abandoned him is great. They will not let anybody into their lives for help because it’s not like they came so far with anybody in it in the first place. To get what they want, they will do anything. This includes lying or death. An example of a person who has a background of this would be an extremist named Adolf Hitler. His siblings had passed away, along with his parents in means that he was an orphan. He was not accepted into an art school he signed up for and ended up becoming homeless for many years. His...
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