Good Nutrition and Student's School Performance

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Good Nutrition and Student’s School Performance

Parents should be reminded that aside from the constant increase of tuition fees and their infusion of good study habits, nutrition plays a major role in their student’s school performance. Student’s peak performance at school can be attributed much to good nutrition and eating habits. For example, having breakfast , being the most critical meal of the day, has an effect on cognition, strength , attitudes and endurance at school. A good breakfast start a good day. Hungry, weak students are not alert and are less active in class.

There is no place where student can be infused with good nutrition at an early stage except in the home. The home is where the child’s eating habits and food choices are developed. How parents model their actions and attitudes with regards to eating, affect children’s perception and feelings about food.

Here are some tips on feeding children which you can share positive food attitudes with them:

1. No single food contains all the nutrients your student need for their nutritional health. Serve them a variety of foods in the right amount every day. Include some of the foods from each group of “ Your Guide to Good Nutrition. 2. Make green leafy and yellow vegetables, and fruits a “must” in your daily family meals; 3. Pack nutritious lunch boxes. Remember, packed lunch should supply at least one-third (1/3) of the child’s daily food needs; 4. Make snacks count. Serve nutritious snacks like root crops, beans and fresh fruits instead of candies and soft drinks which dull the appetite. 5. Avoid serving too spicy and highly seasoned foods. These may destroy the appetite for the mild but highly nutritious foods; 6. Encourage student to have regular sleeping hours so they can wake up early and have enough time to eat an adequate breakfast without hurry; 7. Practice good eating habits for your student to imitate. Make mealtime a pleasant get-together for the family;

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