Good Night Mister Tom

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Scoil Phádraig NS Craanford Class Novel Questions Goodnight Mister Tom Chapter One-Meeting 9-21
1) Why did Tom give Willie a pencil?
2) Where did Willie go for a walk?
3) How is Willie Beech described in this first chapter?
4) What did Tom spot on the boy’s leg?
5) Which person did Willie meet on his walk?
6) Why do you think that Willie fainted?
7) Where were Tom’s wife and son?
8) Why were the children being evacuated?
9) Why did Willie pick up a branch?
10 What kind of “home life” do you think that Willie Beech had in London? Chapter Two-Weirwold 22-36
1) What did Tom ask Mrs. Fletcher to make?
2) What did Mr. Oakley point out to Willie in the hallway?
3) What was the purpose of the chamber pot?
4) What did Tom order for from Ivor?
5) How did Willie compare in size to Ivor’s daughter?
6) What was the purpose of the “blackouts”?
7) Which two pieces of Willie’s clothes were sewn together? 8) Where did Willie crawl to sleep?
9) What was the tone of the mother’s letter?
10) How, do you think, is Willie settling in?

Chapter Three-Saturday Morning 37-49
1) Where did Tom find Willie the next morning?
2) Where did they go that same morning?
3) What was the doctor’s diagnosis?
4) Why were the Littles digging?
5) What did Tom and Willie pass on the way home?
6) Why did a crowd gather at one particular house?
7) What did Mrs. Miller give to Willie?
8) Why did Mrs. Ruddles give out to them?
9) Why did the village people look anxious?
10) How would you describe Little Weirwold?
Chapter Four-Equipped 50-63

1) What did Mr. Oakley buy for Willie in the newsagents?
2) What comment did the draper make about the boy?
3) How did Mr. Oakley feel about the art shop?
4) What did the shop placards mention?
5) Where did Mr. Tom “join “the boy up?
6) Why did they run into the house?
7) Why didn’t Willie sleep “in “the bed?
8) What did they have for tea that evening?
9) Who called over to Mr. Tom?
10) What did Willie dream about as he fell asleep?

Chapter Five-“Chamberlain announces” 64-75

1) What did Mr. Tom point out to Willie?
2) Why did they have to wash the bedclothes?
3) What had Mrs. Fletcher brought over the previous night? 4) How did Willie help in the church?
5) Why do you think it was that Willie hated crowds?
6) Why was there a wireless in the church?
7) What announcement was made over the wireless?
8) What job did Mr. Fletcher ask Willie to do?
9) How did Mr. Tom avoid embarrassment for Willie?
10) What was an Anderson?
Chapter Six-Zach 76-86
1) What was Zach’s full name?
2) What did Zach say he would do for Willie?
3) What does a ‘recluse’ mean?
4) Who spotted Mr. Tom as he tried to slip in unnoticed?
5) Who was sitting in front of Mr. Thatcher?
6) What was given to the volunteers?
7) What did Mrs. Miller volunteer to do?
8) Where was the first aid post going to be?
9) What did Tom volunteer to do?
10) What did Willie dream about that night?
Chapter Seven-An Encounter over Blackberries 87-97
1) Where did Tom bring Willie that morning?
2) Who won the race?
3) Name two things that grow in the field?
4) What did Zach notice about Willie’s hair?
5) What was the small problem?
6) Who was waiting at the corner with their baskets?
7) Who held an empty bucket and a small bag?
8) Who was playing at the front of the house?
9) Who put down the bucket?
10) Who left home to go for tea?
Chapter Eight-School 98-106
1) What did Willie have for lunch?
2) Who was standing outside the village hall?
3) Which class would Mrs. Black have?
4) What question did Zach ask Willie?
5) Was Willie the only older child who couldn’t read?
6) What did Willie practice at school?
7) What did Tom tell Willie to do before...
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