Good Manners & Decorum

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Manners are the way conducting oneself.
The phrase “good manners” encompasses many things. It includes: -gentleness, modesty, and dignity
-it neatness and correctness of dress in the home and in society -it is saying the right word at the proper time and proper place -it includes several form and kindness like hospitality and tolerance

Decorum is propriety and good taste in speech, dress, etc.

Manner in the Family
The Filipino family is a close-knit. However, even through the family maybe close-knit, each member is entitled to his full share of privacy. 1. Parents violate their children’s privacy by opening letter addressed their children. Young people also violate their parent’s privacy when they rummage through personal belongings in search of shoes, jewelry, neckties, cuff links, or other articles they wish to use. 2. Every member of the family should have the privilege of entertaining his or her friends with a minimum of interference from the nest of the family unless the occasion is a family affair. 3. Knock and wait for an answer or for a door to be opened before entering. 4. Reply courteously to your parents or to older members. 5. Use the magic words “excuse me”, “sorry” and “please” as the need arises. 6. Never open your parents’ drawers or bags without permission. 7. Never use others’ personal belongings, for the sake of personal hygiene. 8. Het your parents or at least a family know when you have to leave. 9. Avoid interrupting a conversation.

10. Never shout when something’s discussed.
11. When you get up from the bed, leave it order.

Table Manners
Good manners are a mark of a well-bred person. Good manners at the table differentiate a civilized person from an uncivilized.

General Rules that govern acceptable conduct at the table
1. Everyone should come to the table properly groomed.
2. Come to the table promptly when called.
3. It is discourteous to make others wait for you and a sign of...
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