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Topics: Leadership, Physical exercise, Health club Pages: 8 (2916 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Goodlife fitness represents a company defined by a transformational vision, and it has created, communicated, modeled and built that vision into a socially responsible, customer oriented organization. Goodlife fitness is a privately owned national chain of fitness clubs founded by David Patchell-Evans in 1979. Goodlife comes under Canada’s 50 best managed companies for the past 6 years. In the 31 years Goodlife has been in business, they’ve proudly helped more than 750,000 members enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. With 275 clubs, 8000 associates and 1800 corporate partners, Goodlife is the largest fitness company in Canada and the fifth largest in the world. According to statistics one of every 45 Canadians gets a slice of Goodlife. (Goodlife, 2010)

Goodlife Fitness is not just one of Canada's 50 best Managed companies but by far is one of the best for managing your weight. Goodlife's success has come from using a Transformational Leadership style which will be defined later. Its history has been what has made the company so strong today, starting as a small club in London, Ontario. Goodlife has used the elements of transformational leadership to create, communicate, model, and build commitment to a vision of having "an environment that enriches people’s lives".

The people of Goodlife see life as a handful of challenges. Joining Goodlife is a step towards overcoming these challenges. Everyone at Goodlife, employees, members, and associates, believe that achieving positive results begin with positive values and attitudes. Hence Goodlife shares seven core values with their members; Caring, Trust, Integrity, Happiness, Peak Attitude, Passion and Personal fitness by which people share the love of health, fitness and life. Goodlife supports an environment that enriches people’s lives.

Goodlife gives every Canadian the opportunity to lead a fit and healthy life, and promotes employee wellness in the workplace. David Patchell-Evans believes it’s all about caring, so he offers his employees improved levels of endurance and strength, resulting in a better quality life. Goodlife encourages employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle to increases levels of energy and concentration in the atmosphere to help reduce physical and mental stress. Goodlife also offers their employees saving plans and discounted rates for the programs offered. These fresh ideas; using your imagination along with acting creatively is what results in any real fundamental change. (Harding, p.51)

Patchell-Evans believes in fitness at its fullest. He is a five-time Canadian rowing champion and member of 1980 Olympic team and the international chairman of IHRSA. He is a best selling international author and a very well respected international speaker. Patchell-Evans sees Goodlife as a path towards reaching one’s health and fitness goals by gaining strength, boosting one’s confidence, easing stress, managing weight and increasing your blood circulation. In his opinion, these results help you sleep and feel better about yourself. He has a vision that he provides an unequalled club experience for his members and employees. He also offers benefits to other companies such as greater profits, improved employee fitness and productivity, positive returns on investments, reduced absenteeism and disability time and reduced employee turnover. In the past 30 years, Goodlife has used leadership as one of their most important tools in maintaining and expanding an already successful company. Leadership is perhaps one the most unexploited business strategies that has the potential to substantially enhance corporate success. Employees with direction are inspired and motivated to achieve, acquire, and adapt in the pursuit of accomplishing a goal. Adaptation may be underestimated in significance, but in an ever-changing global market, change is a large part of organizational learning and can be the difference between long-term corporate success and a failing business....
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