Good Hotel: Doing Good Doing Well

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Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?
Joie de Vivre is a hotel management group that is located in San Francisco that was founded in 1987 by Chip Conley. He liked commercial real estate but did not like doing the transaction part of it. He stated to Travel Weekly the branding strategy for Joie de Vivre. In article he said that they know California better than anyone, approximately 40 percent of consumers are from California. He knows that his company comes up with unique hotels, with own personality. It has managed to grow to 36 boutique hotel properties. It became the second largest in 2010. JdV had combined two of their properties, Best Western Hotel Britton and Best Western Flamingo. When it opened in November 2008 with 117 rooms, it opened as Good Hotel. Good Hotel is known as “hotel with a conscience”. It has a positive approach, eco-friendly hotel, and it known its recycled materials. This hotel believes in doing good things for the environment. JdV decided in April 15, 2010 that Good Hotel and two other properties would be sold to another ownership company, and they would end the management with JdV if no problems arose with the sale at the end of May. Pam Janusz is the general manager to the Good Hotel. She will be helping with the transition from one ownership to another, by evaluate Good Hotel performance along with helping staff to adjust.

The lodging industry was dominated by twelve leading hotel chains in the United States in 2009. Out of these twelve leading hotel chains, each one of them has features that accommodate to one consumer but not to another. One of the bigger hotels may have more properties with so many rooms with very little to offer but low revenue, but another hotel with less properties with almost the same amount of rooms, more to offer and have higher revenue. In 2009, the lodging industry was suffering from chronic overcapacity. Out of 50,000 properties, that was around 4.8 million rooms, equaling one room...
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