Good Groups: the High School Way

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Running Head: Good Groups: The High School Way

CED 510
February 23, 2009

The purpose of this article, Good Groups: The High School Way is to show when counselors and administrative work together they can establish and have successful counseling groups to bridge relationships, enhance communication and faster self- regulated behavior. Director, Beth Cohen and School Counselor, Jennifer Gloser (2009) and other counselors at West Springfield High School in Fairfax County Va., meet with students in smaller numbers to address specific issues and needs surrounding the academic, personal, social, and career domains. In these groups, students worked with school counselors to develop skills, discuss important and relevant issues and improve achievement and attitudes (Cohen & Glaser 2009). West Springfield High School already had group counseling, but because the population at the school increased, so did the needs of the students as well. The counselors designed a needs assessment survey to solicit student feedback before conducting the group sign-up through an anonymous survey called Survey Monkey, which included open-ended, closed and Likert Scale questions in 21 different categories related to academic, personal, social and career needs (Cohen & Glaser 2009). With the results of the data, the school counseling department approached the administration with the date to show the impact of the small group programs and advocated for the use of the embedded period to continue the groups (Cohen & Glaser 2009). The results confirmed that small group counseling makes a good impact on the students, which showed the students value groups and experienced growth during sessions; and in return, the administrators showed support of the school counseling program. I think perhaps if other schools don’t have such a program that they should consider implementing such a program so that it will give students time with counselors for advisement and responsive services. In the end,...
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