Good Governance

Topics: Governance, Political corruption, Unemployment Pages: 8 (2253 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Good Governance Defined
Essentials Of Good Governance
Equal Participation
Promotion Of National Cohesion
National Integration
Institution Supremacy
Independent Judiciary
Constitutional Supremacy
Rule Of Law
Political Stability
Free Media
Equal Educational Opportunities
Socio-economic Development
Equal Distribution Of Resources
Welfare State With Provision Of Social Securities
Strong Writ Of The Government On All Fronts
State Of Governance In Pakistan
Institutional Imbalance
Poor Relations Between Centre And Provinces
Political Instability
Inability To Provide Justice
Lack Of Control Over Law And Order Situation
Inefficient Economic Management
Expenditure Mismanagement And Debt Trap
Unfair System Of Taxation
Lack Of Accountability
Poverty And Inflation
Water, Energy And Food Crises
Balance Among All The Institutions
Good Relations Between Centre And Provinces
Equal Distribution Of National Resources
Cheap And Quick Justice
Economic Policies Be Revised
Cut Down In Extra-expenditure
Establishment Of Anti-Corruption Courts
Free Media

As a vehicle is useless without the fuel likewise a country cannot be run in the absence of good governance. Good governance is a real drive behind a country’s development. It protects the human rights, delivers the justice, maintains law an order and provides equal opportunities to the masses. It delivers the fruits of progress and development to all and sundry. It is required at all levels of society and state. In today’s globalized world good governance helps to meet eh challenges of the world. It makes the system of the state effective and efficient. People of the country enjoy equal rights under good governance. Minorities live freely and exercise their religion. No one considers himself above law. Everyone, no matter how influential he is, is accountable before law. Corruption is unheard of in a country where good governance prevails. Not only government officials but also common citizens are aware of their duties and play their role sincerely. In such cooperative environment, economy boosts and investment increases leading to the prosperity of the country. In this way good governance helps to reap the fruits of globalization.

Governance is defined as the manner in which power is exercised in the management of a country’s economic and social resources for development. Good governance means competent management of a country’s resources and affairs in a manner that is open, transparent, accountable, equitable and responsive to people’s needs. The essentials of good governance are:

It ensures the participation of both men and women in every sector of life. •It helps in the promotion of national cohesion. Under healthy environment of good governance people always work with hand in hand for the betterment of the country. •It creates the feelings of nationalism and integrates the units of the country. •It ensures the supremacy of institutions. Every institution works within its borders of limitation. •Judiciary enjoys full freedom under good governance.

It also endorses the supremacy of the constitution.
It maintains the rule of law in the country.
It guards democracy and guarantees political stability.
It assures the freedom of media.
Equal educational opportunities are ensured.
It pledges for socio-economic development.
Equal distribution of resources among the federating units of the country is made possible. •It makes the country a welfare state which provides social securities to its masses. •Government’s writ is strengthened on all fronts.

Pakistan was born with a hole in its heart. The newly-born country inherited multiplicity of problems. Problems like accession of the princely states, refugees and...
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