Good Friend

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Virtue Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: November 6, 2011
tae'ler cooper
Ms. Michaels
A Good Friend
Do you have that one friend that you can tell all your secrets to and it’s like you were made to be good friends? Being a good friend means that you are not only thinking about yourself but you are thinking about your friendship also. There are many characteristics of being a good friend but in my paper I will only discuss a few. The three characteristics of being a good friend that I am going to discuss in my paper will be 1.) Being loyal to your friend, 2.) You and your friend having many common interests, 3.) Being genuine to each other. With excellent and positive characteristics like being loyal to your friend, you having many common interest with your friend, and you and your friend being genuine to each other you could really be a worthy friend, and have a really worthy and long lasting friendship in my essay it will discuss 3 of the characteristics of being a worthy friend and having a genuine friendship. A loyal friend is someone who can keep secrets and promises, someone who will not hurt your feelings but will be completely honest with you. Good friends keep it real with each other no matter what because then you both know that you have a real and open friendship. Not being loyal to someone may cause them to get hurt and, you won’t have a real good friendship. If you have had a good friendship then you I am assuming that you know what it takes to be loyal to your friend. Everyone should have at least had one good friend in their life but must know how to treat that person, and in my next paragraph I will explain the next characteristic of being a good friend which is being a genuine friend. Doing things for one another, without expecting to have something done in return, is a sign of genuine friendship. So is being kind-hearted and listening to friends when they need to open up. Ways me and my friends are genuine to each other is by being positive towards each other and doing...
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