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A key part to the success of Banyan Tree resorts is the willingness to please and pamper their customers. One main way they attract their customers is by providing resort spas which becoming their service and product offerings. Banyan Tree Spa introduced the Tropical Garden Spa concept, which is a non-clinical spa that focuses on Eastern therapies and spiritual, mental and physical harmony. In this practice, a “high-touch, low tech” approached is used, which uses natural ingredients and focuses on human touch. According to the organization, the tropical garden setting helps to awaken a person’s sense, making them more receptive to the healing power of touch.

Besides, Banyan Tree resorts have exquisite restaurants with the memorable dining experiences in a romantic atmosphere. In the same respect, Banyan Tree has multiple restaurants which add variety to their customer’s meals. For example, a unique dining experience is the pool bar, where customers can soak up the sun by the pool and dine. Banyan Tree resorts will include many exciting facilities. Such facilities will include a few pools, tennis courts, and a library. In addition, various classes will be offered such as aerobics, yoga, meditation and painting.

Given the natural environment stated in Strengths, varied activities may take place and different market needs may be accommodated. Water sports, diving excursions, island hopping, trail hiking, outdoor spa facilities, and cultural and historical sightseeing are activities and adventures our customers are welcome to enjoy.

For the Banyan resort prices, all prices will be pegged to the US Dollar with the rate in Philippines Pesos adjusted accordingly. This will help minimize the changing value of currencies globally. Since the resort will offer different room types, prices will vary significantly. Prices vary for hotels based on the weekend versus weekday, high season versus low season, how many guests are staying...
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