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Q1- Explain what a strategy-oriented human resource management system is and why it is important. Give examples on how such a system can or can not be implemented within your organization or any organization you would assume.

Strategy-oriented human resource management system is: Formulating and executing HR systems—HR policies and activities—that produce the employee competencies and behaviors that the company needs to achieve its strategic aims Why it is important.

1- A strategic approach in Human Resource Management is vital especially in growing companies, Starting from right staffing to maintaining performing employees. 2- key in developing not only the employees, but the whole organization itself. 3- The linking of HRM with strategic goals and objectives in order to improve business performance and develop organizational cultures that foster innovation and flexibility

Give examples on how such a system can or can not be implemented within your organization or any organization you would assume. Shanhai portman hotel Example
Sevral years ago, the ritz carlton company took over managing the portman hotel in shanto improve significantly the hotel’s level of service, in doing so, shanghai portman’s new top executive, Mark DeCocinis, Followed a similar strategic HR process to the one we just outlined for example: * Strategically: he and Ritz-Carlton management set out to make the shanghai portman an outstanding property by offering superior customer service. * To achieve this . shanghai portman employees would have to exhibit new skills and behaviors. They would genuinely have to care for customers for instance, and the portman would have to train and motivate them to be proactive about providing superior customer service. * To produce these employee skills and behaviors, Mark Decocinis introduced the Ritz-Carlton company’s human resource system to the Portman. He knew its policies and practices produced the high-quality service behaviors his hotel required for example, eCoCinis and his managers personally interviewed each candidate, they delved into each candidate’s value, selecting only employee who cared for and respected others:”Our selection focuses on telent and personal values because these are things that can’t be taught…it’s about caring for and respect and others Their efforts paid off. Over the past few years, various publications have named the Shanghai Portman Ritz-Carlton “best employer in Asia,” “Overall best business hotel in Asia,” and “ Best business Hotel in China.” Profits have soared. Effective strategic hman resource management helped turn Shanghai’s Portman Into a premier hotel

Q2- What are the different sources of job candidates? Analyze the recruitment system within your organization or any organization you assume highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages of and what would be your recommendations to develop this system .

What are the different sources of job candidates?
1. Organization Internal Sources
2. Recruiting via the Internet
3. Advertising
4. Employment Agencies
5. Temp Agencies and Alternative Staffing
6. Offshoring/Outsourcing
7. Executive Recruiters
8. On Demand Recruiting Services (ODRS)
9. College Recruiting
10. Referrals and Walk-ins
i. Internet—the advantages are that this source can reach large numbers of people and can get immediate feedback. The disadvantage is that it generates many unqualified candidates. ii. Employee referrals—the advantages include knowledge about the organization may be provided by current employee and can generate strong candidates because a good referral reflects on the recommender. A disadvantage is that this source may not increase the diversity and mix of employees. iii. Internal source—the advantages include low cost, builds employee morale, and candidates are familiar with the organization. The disadvantages include limited supply and this source may...
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