Good Country People Summary

Topics: Time, Love Pages: 3 (1144 words) Published: November 23, 2011
A Salesman’s Deception
Hulga Hopewell was a thirty-two year old woman who still lived at home with her mother, Mrs. Hopewell. She did not enjoy her mother’s company nor did she enjoy the company of the neighbor, Mrs. Freeman, or Mrs. Freeman’s two daughters, Glynese and Carramae. In her mind, Hulga referred to them frequently as Glycerin and Caramel. She did find joy in the company of a young man named Manley Pointer, though, who taught Hulga that he was not the boy he seemed to be and that she never should have trusted him. Hulga Hopewell was a very intelligent woman who was involved in an unfortunate hunting accident at the age of ten. During this accident, her leg was shot off and she was never quite the same. She had a degree in philosophy, which her mother was not proud of. Her mother would have preferred her to be an English teacher or a nurse or even a chemical engineer. Mrs. Hopewell was not particularly fond of her daughter at all. This was because Hulga was very unpleasant to be around – she frequently stomped around the house – and she resented the fact that Hulga had changed the name she had bestowed upon her at birth. Hulga was originally named Joy, but she felt that she did not deserve the happy or beautiful name of Joy, so she chose the ugliest, foulest name her mind could muster. Her mother would only refer to her by the name of Joy and refused to call her Hulga. Mrs. Hopewell loved what she referred to as good country people; she thought they were the salt of the earth. That is why she allowed Mr. and Mrs. Freeman and their two daughters to live in their tenant house, even though Mrs. Freeman was a very nosey neighbor. So when a polite, young country gentleman named Manley Pointer came by one day selling bibles, she could never have known that he was in fact the scum of the earth. He took an instant interest in Hulga and quickly accepted the invite to stay for dinner. At dinner Manley did what he was expected to do, which was to talk about the...
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