Good Country People

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The role of character names in “Good Country People”

In the short story” Good Country People” by Flannery O’Conner ,country people were thought of as hardworking ,honest, often referred to as “salt of the earth “but in reality even the best of good people have their flaws just like anyone else. In the story there are six different characters, and with each character’s name there is a lot revealed of their personalities.

In the opening of the story there is Mrs. Freeman who worked for Mrs. Hopewell described in the story as nosey and in everyone’s business she’s a very outspoken and loved to gossip about everyone. She loves to be in the feeling of being in charge. Mrs. Freeman represents a free minded person, but was thought of as reliable and trustworthy by Mrs. Hopewell Mrs. Freeman also has two daughters, Carramae a young blonde that was pregnant and married. And Glynese who was described as very popular with the boys, Mrs. Hopewell really didn’t think much of the two young ladies but still said they were two of the finest.

Mrs. Hopewell was a Christian and was always looking for the positive things .Always hoping for good things for others but yet at the same time using there downfalls to feel better about her own .She was a very courteous, hospitable lady but with a strong sense of superiority. She often said that “nothings perfect “everybody has flaws, often encourage the thoughts of the brighter side of things.

Next there’s Mrs. Hopewell’s 32 year old daughter, Joy the name she was given at birth but she would later change it legally to Hulga, that she thought would better represent one of the ways she thought of herself “ugly and unhappy” ,just the opposite of her given name.Joy-Hulga was shot in the leg as a child and lost her leg ,a tragedy that Mrs. Hopewell believes shaped Hulga into the very unhappy ,arrogant know-it all ,non - believer that she was .Hulga thought of herself as superior to everyone ,and if not for her disabilities she...
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