Good Corporate Citizenship and Political Competence

Topics: Business ethics, Corporate social responsibility, Corporate governance Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: June 16, 2009
Good Corporate Citizenship & Political Competence-Interrelated/Interconnected Introduction
Good corporate citizenship and political competence are interconnected. A definition of both terms will be provided. How both terms are interconnected will be discussed. Also, a mission statement from a healthcare organization (HCO), more specifically a hospital will be evaluated and interpreted to view the connection between good corporate citizenship and political competence. Interconnection

In order to be a good corporate citizen, a business must possess five responsibilities. These five responsibilities include the following: 1) High standards of business ethics; 2) Working the community as a whole; 3) Environment protection; 4) "Providing good corporate governance; and 5) Engaging in fair trade and business practices" (Good Corporate Citizen, 2007). Political competence is the ability to understand control, take action, agenda resistance, and who is on your side (Bacharach as cited by Cronkite, n.d.). There are three phases to being politically competent, and they include the following: 1) Mapping your political terrain, which means to identify your stakeholders; 2) Getting others on your side, which means to build your coalitions; and 3) Making things happen, which means to win others' support (Cronkite, n.d.). Interpretation of a Mission Statement

The mission statement that has been chosen to be evaluated and interpreted is Meriter Hospital, which is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Meriter's mission statement is this: "to heal, to teach, to embrace excellence always, and to serve our communities-for a lifetime of quality health care" (About Meriter: Mission Statement, 2008). In evaluating and interpreting Meriter's mission statement it is found that they are both good corporate citizens and politically competent. So how was this conclusion found? Good Corporate Citizens

Meriter's business ethics are identified in their mission, vision, and values...
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