Good Communication Good Team

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Good Communication Good Team

By | April 2008
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Good Communication, Good Team
When one thinks of team he or she thinks of one unit, one organization or a group acting as one. The main purpose of the team is to come together to form a final conglomerate and product. When a team forms for a school or work project, it is understood that a goal is to be accomplish, but the biggest road block to a team is the lack of communication. Communication is the golden key to the success of a team in sports or on a project. Some feel intimidated, scared or afraid of rejection to involve themselves in the communication of a team. While others may be too confident or feel they need to be in charge, which also inhibits the communication within the team. This paper will exhibit some issues common in today’s team meetings and group assignments. It will display how communication break down leads to the demise of most groups and projects. Much like the classic novel “The Lord of The Flies”, anarchy, hostility against other members and cliques form if no structure is in place. But with the proper guidance, instruction and “conch shell”, teams form a unity and work toward one goal. What is communication?

Communication is the process that allows people to exchange information by one or several methods, as defined on Communication comes in many forms such as speech, sign language, touch, eye contact or motion. Sports teams such as football use huddles to communicate plays or in baseball the pitcher and catcher communicate using hand signals. In work or school most communication is through voice and talking to each other. People communicate to resolve issues, display feelings and develop ideas. In teams that work on projects in school or work, communication is in a meeting room or round table, where the expression of ideas to solve a problem is communicated through talking. When issues arise and people disagree, what happens to the team, more off what happens to the communication. Team Communication...

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