Good Business Sense

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Developing Good Business Sense
Burger King
The first company that I observed and analyzed was Burger King in which employees have several tasks depending on their job title. Within the Burger King restaurants, there are team members, delivery drivers, shift coordinators, assistant managers and restaurant general managers. At BK (Burger King), employees working in the restaurant are expected to prepare products as ordered by customers, interact with customers, unload and stock products, operate cash register, process payments, and respond appropriately to customer service issues. The delivery drivers are expected to package food and drink products ordered by customers, deliver orders to customers in a timely manner, pass out flyers when not busy, greet customers with order, provide change, and respond appropriately to customer issues. The shift coordinator is responsible for restaurant operations during assigned shifts, opening and closing the restaurant, provides production direction to team members, motivates team to exceed customer expectations with food and friendly service, and trains team members. Next, the assistant manager has to manage financial controls, operations, customer service and compliance across shifts in order to achieve increased sales and profitability, and is accountable for restaurant operations in the absence of the general manager. Finally, the general manager is accountable for the operation of the entire restaurant which can include 10-45 employees, ensure the delivery on the customer promise (have it your way), ensures the restaurant meets its desired outcomes (sales, profitability, and employee retention), directs accurate preparation and sale of products and mobilizes the restaurant’s management team to
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