Good Behavior

Topics: Sleep, University, Student Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Rushing back to dormitory, brushing teeth, cleaning faces, sequentially, and preparing for tomorrow’s lessons… That’s quite common for us to follow everyday. There is a campus discipline for us which nearly every university has to follow. In other words, the electricity will be cut off at 11 o’clock at night. Obviously, this is just one of those disciplines. The majority of the students hold the opinion that it is unreasonable for university students to accept the fact that they spend their nightlife in darkness. It is extensively believed that we university students, around 20 years old, are full of energy and vigor, being addicted into colorful and wonderful nightlife. While quite a few students harbor the idea that it has the inherent advantage of cutting off the electricity. As far as I am concerned, though it may cause some inconvenience sometimes, I am still in favor of the latter view.

It is evident that the causes of the present electricity crisis are diverse. One of the reasons is the fact that the over consumption of electricity plays a pivotal role in electricity shortage. Obviously, quite a small proportion of students have the awareness of the importance of saving electricity and using electricity properly. As a consequence, a vast amount of electricity is wasted on a daily basis, such as the bulbs in washing room, the computers while leaving, etc.

Surely, the main reason I want to express is that this electricity-off system indeed can provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for us to have a good rest, relaxing our bodies and easing our minds. One illustration of this is that we’ve experienced the all- electricity- on night before. We didn’t feel any sleepy until late night. The room is inundated with music, laughter and noise. Consequently, we suffered from the drowsiness all the next day. It does have detrimental influence upon our study. Lacking of sleep will cause lots of problems according to the survey. Especially for us girls, we...
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