Good and Evil in Paradise Lost

Topics: Paradise Lost, John Milton, Hell Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Good vs. Evil according to Milton in Paradise Lost.

John Milton divided the characters in his epic poem Paradise Lost into two sides, one side under God representing good, and the other side under Satan representing evil and sin. Milton first introduced the reader to the character Satan, the representative of all evil, and his allegiance of fallen angels that aided in his revolt against God. Only later did Milton introduce the reader to all powerful God, leader and creator of all mankind. The later introduction of The Almighty had the readers change their feelings towards sin, as the ways of God were introduced to them. This angle of good vs. evil carried on throughout the poem with the interaction of Satan and his fallen angels with God and his son in Heaven. The common representation of sin and evil came from the lead character in the battle against God, Satan. He was a former high angel from Heaven named Lucifer, meaning, "Light bearer". Satan became jealous in Heaven of God's son and formed an allegiance of angels to battle against God, and God expelled them from Heaven into Hell. This did not bother Satan at first since he became the leader in Hell rather than a servant in Heaven. He lied to the fallen angels about the Son and his "vice-regency" in Heaven in order for them to follow him instead of The Son. He also hid in the body of a serpent when presenting himself to Eve in the Garden of Eden. In addition, Satan showed the reader a large amount of anger and destructiveness when he planned his revenge on God. Satan even found pleasure in the pain and destruction of other people and things. It is clear that feelings and views of Satan represented evil. With Satan and his battle against God, he formed an allegiance of fallen angels to help him carry out his evil goals. Satan placed his chief supporter named Beelzebub in charge of the fallen angels, and getting them together to form the Demonic Council to serve as an administration for Hell. Milton...
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