Good and Bad Things About Phnom Penh

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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Good and Bad Things about Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia and has a nickname called “The Charming City”. The total area of the city is 678.46 km2 and the total population is 1,501,725. Eventhough this beautiful city is well-known in South East Asia, she also has good and bad thing that people should know. As I notice, the good thing about Phnom Penh is culture, nightlife, sightseeing, and people whereas the bad thing about Phnom Penh is traffic, food, and dirty. The first good thing about Phnom Penh is culture. The two most visited museums in the city are the National Museum, which is the country's leading historical and archaeological museum, and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, a former Khmer Rouge prison. And the second thing is nightlife because Phnom Penh now is fully security. Most people like going for a walk in the midnight to meet and drink beer with their friends, and so on. Third, people must go to the Royal Palace, river side, S-21, killing field, independent monument, and other attractive places. These places are the place that most tourists and local people like to go there because they want to know the historical fact about those places. Fourth, is about people in Phnom Penh, they all are friendly and sociable and most of Phnom Penh people can speak English, French, or Chinese. So, it is easy to contact each other in the society. For the bad thing about Phnom Penh is traffic. In the morning at about 7 to 8 is the rush hour of traffic, people go to work and some go to study and they all come back in the evening at 5 to 6 is very busy in the street. Next thing is food is dirty, for example, the seller of Khmer noddle take her hand to take the vegetable and the noddle without glove to protect the disease, so it is dirty to eat this kind of food. The last bad thing about Phnom Penh is peeing because in the quiet place or school fence, it smell dirty at those places. All people can pee everywhere so it is very bad thing for Phnom Penh...
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