Good and Bad of Private Tuition

Good morning, teacher. Today I would like to share with you the topic of “The Good and Bad of Private Tuition”. It is now fashionable for many Malaysian students to go for private tuition. In fact, most students feel insecure if they do not have extra tuition after school. Isn’t that correct? Extra tuition may be necessary for some of you. For example, some of you are weak in Mathematics. Without help, you may be left behind. Many of you are in classes which are large. Your teachers cannot give special attention to weak students. But your private tutors can. Some teachers may seem unapproachable. Timid students feel afraid to ask questions. But in a small tuition group, students may feel more confident. Tutors can also be more patient and allow students to take their time. However, not all tutors are wonderful. Nowadays, new graduates join tuition centres while waiting for other jobs. They are not trained teachers. They leave when they find something better to do. They are not bothered about completing the syllabus before they resign. In addition, tuition centres exists to make a profit. Classes are often large-there may be as many as twenty to a class. This means you pay for individual attention but do not get it. There have also been cases of tuition centres closing after having collected fees in advance. Finally, extra tuition takes up too much of a student’s time. A lot of time is wasted on travelling to and from the tuition centre. You can actually use your time more profitably on hobbies or personal revisions. After attending tuition classes, you may be too tired to do your homework or your schoolwork. If you pay attention in class and do your revision regularly, there is no need for extra tuition. The money you would save could be used to buy revision books. Personally, I feel private tuition is a waste of hard-earned money. Thank you for listening.
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