Good and Bad of Persuasive Language

Topics: School, Teacher, Education Pages: 2 (848 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Report into the Proposal to allow all teachers a free supply of chocolate when teaching at Lakes Entrance Secondary College Example 1
The purpose of this report is to discuss a proposal which has recently been made by teachers to the Principal of Lakes Entrance Secondary College, requesting that free supplies of chocolate be made readily available to all teaching staff when teaching. All teaching and support staff are in absolute agreement that this would bring many positive benefits to the school, and we will describe these benefits here. Firstly, we are completely convinced that a free supply of chocolate would increase the number of happy faces both around the staff room and throughout school. At least 90% of teaching staff enjoy eating a variety of chocolate on a regular basis. If they were to be given this free, not only would it save them money but it would also save them going out to the shop to buy the aforementioned chocolate, giving them time to prepare more thoroughly for classes or catch up on marking. These two reasons, added with the delight that teacher would have when actually eating the chocolate, would most definitely make teachers happier and more relaxed. Secondly, we passionately believe that the quality of teaching would greatly improve if teachers were to be given a regular supply to Cadburys, Nestle and other assorted chocolate goodies. Teachers would actually increase the happy chemicals in their brain as a result of eating the delicious chocolate, and therefore would be more relaxed and ready to teach their classes. When they were sat struggling over a huge pile of books to mark, a mouthful of chocolate would wake them up and get their brains and red pens working again! What parent wouldn’t want their children being taught by happy, chocolate-fuelled teachers? Thirdly, and finally, we are all in agreement that the pupils of Lakes Entrance Secondary College would benefit from their teachers receiving these free supplies of...
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