Good and Bad Manners in Russia

Topics: Friendship, Russia, Good and evil Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Good and bad manners in Russia.
Observing etiquette and having good manners can make life of foreign people more convenient and helps to and adapt to different national features. Many norms of behavior in Russia are the same as in the whole world, but there are some special conventional rules of conduct which differs from manners of other countries. I want to list some of typical manners which exist in Russia: * For example, it’s a good manner to give up your place to woman or old person in public transport. * Also it’s very good to open the door before woman and hold the door when you go in or out of some place. * When you come to your friends’ home or you are invited to some party, you should take some present. It can be bunch of flowers, bottle of wine or some sweets. * Entering somebody’s house, you should take off your shoes in the entrance hall. * In Russia it’s typical to pay for a woman on a date. Your girlfriend wouldn’t object and it would be pleasant for her. * It’s a national feature to celebrate different occasions with jolly crowd, a lot of alcohol and dishes, playing music and singing. Foreign people can be amazed because some cheerful strangers on the street offer them “to drink for a company”. Also in Russia exist some special national holidays which people celebrate with feasting (e.g. New Year party, Epiphany, the Day of Motherland’s Protectors, Women’s Day, Easter, the 1st of May, Victory Day, the Day of Independent, the Day of Knowledge etc.) * It’s a bad manner to discuss the private life of colleagues and acquaintances. Also it’s not very good to talk about somebody’s salaries. * In Russia when you meet your friend or acquaintance it’s usual to say “Hello! How are you?”. You should ask even if you don’t want to know how he is getting on. * If you ask the woman about her age she can take umbrage and it can be very unpleasant for her. * If a man invites a woman to drink some tea in his house in Russia it...
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