Good and Bad Effects from Advertisement

Topics: Advertising, Consumerism, Consumption Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Even if you are just sitting in front of your desk, you may also find that advertising is almost everywhere: at the bottom of today’s newspaper; on the final page of your favourite magazine; in the corner of the web page which you are looking through. Advertising is a kind of communicating form which is applied to persuade or encourage people to do some action, and it has become an essential part of society especially in recent yeats. As advertising has been closely related to our daily life, it can exert large impact on us, bringing about both bad and good consequences.It on the one hand leads to consumerism of society and inconvenience in people’s life, on the other hand raises public’s awareness towards certain issues.

The commercial advertising easily leads to the rise in consumerism of the society due to these three reasons. Firstly, advertising provides people with lots of purchasing choices, which make people, especially women, form a desire of spending money on the products recommended on advertisements. Secondly, particularly young people are easily persuaded or attracted by advertisments due to the techniques such as inviting stars to arrouse attention applied by advertising producers. Consequently, people cannot distinguish what they need and what they want and buy many things which are initially unncessary. Furthermore, it is possible for advertising to lead a fashion trend in society which many people like to run after, which makes excess consumption a serious problem not only for individuals but for the whole society.

Advertising can also bring about inconvenience to people’s life owing to the following three causes. First of all, the information transmitted by advertising has been nicely arranged but whether it is telling the truth is unknown. However, many people trust in advertising but find being played a fool of after buying the products. Secondly, excessive advertising among TV programmes’ breaks has generated lots of complains from...
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