Good and Bad

Topics: Black people, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Denaly Zacahula

World War II brought many changes both good and bad. African Americans and women were the two main groups who felt the most change. They were allowed to do more than they normally could, and after the war people had way more respect for them before the war. Although it took hard work they finally got the respect they always deserved. Women helped with the economy and worked hard for their family, and the African American men fought along side the other men during the war. During WWII nothing else mattered but winning, nothing! Anyone and everyone who was game to do whatever they could to the best of their abilities was looked at as a patriot regardless of skin color, IQ, sex...

African American soldiers fought and died in the same units and the same battles as white Americans. You can't really continue to view and treat a man as less than your equal when he risks his life with you, and maybe even saves your life. Although in the beginning of the war everyone was separated by color the blacks were separated from the whites. This obviously broke down due to all the attacks that happened. During the war most African Americans were sometimes still treated bad but after living with someone for so long you begin to see them as a family member or so. Although this did not occur all the time it did. After WWII black business owners and families had enough money to move out of crowded inner cities and into the suburbs. Of coarse, the migration of black families to suburban areas led to white families relocating, which led to vacant homes resulting in lower property value in neighborhoods. This had social-economic impact on black communities as the racial attitudes of the time still persist. Both good and bad happened to African Americans during and after the war. blacks and whites were segregated at the time, this meant that most whites had never really spent anytime around blacks and vise verse, WWII brought the two races together, in a few...
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