Gonzalo's Ideal Society

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Sarah Fishel
Mr. Piatkowski
AP English 3
September 30, 2012
Picture yourself living in a perfect world without any worries or cares. Does that not sound irresistible? Gonzalo describes the ideal society where all his people would live in harmony with the environment around them in a state of constant satisfaction. For him, this means that no one would have to provide any labor in order to receive food or shelter in return. Everything would be supplied purely by nature. Imagine living in a world where there was no hunger or poverty. Nature would dispense an endless amount of food and no one would have to work for it. In Gonzalo’s kingdom, no one would work at all, ever. Because no one would work, there would also be no need for schooling. If you do not need to learn a trade in order to survive, then why learn at all? In Gonzalo’s ideal society, there is no ranking based on title because everyone is on the same level. There would be no higher educated officials to govern those who are inferior; therefore, there would be no government at all. In today’s society, people are constantly complaining about how poorly our government is at administrating the people. By doing away with government all together, it would silence all the complaints and satisfy the people by allowing them to govern themselves.

Gonzalo refers to the people in his kingdom as being “innocent and pure.” Imagine living in a world without any treason, crime, or weapons. There would be no fear or trust issues. Everyone would have a complete and fulfilling peace with the people around them. Gonzalo also describes his perfect world as being without any sort of commerce. There would be no high, middle, or low class and everyone would live in equality. Money today, fuels many evil behaviorisms such as greed and selfishness. By removing money from society, Gonzalo would abolish many of the corrupt aspects of the world today.

Gonzalo’s idea of a perfect society is almost comparable to Heaven....
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