Gongcha Marketing Research

Topics: Sample size, Sample, Sampling Pages: 4 (1144 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Problem 1: Evaluate the current position of Gong Cha
A.Exploratory Research
To formulate problems and find out the key attributes in customers’ point of view which influence the preference for Taiwanese beverages mostly, we have to conduct exploratory research to know more about consumers’ views on Gong Cha’s current image. At the end of the exploratory research, we would like to formulate hypothesis on how the most significant attribute and customers’ tendency to make a purchase are related, based on consumers’ perceptions and opinions towards Gong Cha. B.Data Collection Method

We have recruited suitable respondents and run several focus groups with them to hold discussions about their views on Gong Cha’s current brand image. One of our group members acts the moderator and directs the discussion. This interactive approach helps stimulating new ideas. The information collected allowed us to define the key attributes related to customers’ tendency to make a purchase on Gong Cha which is useful for the questionnaire development later on. C.Target Population

Since there is a large population who drinks Gong Cha, we have narrowed down our target population to be teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 25 who have tried Taiwanese beverages. As they are one of the major target groups of Gong Cha and they like to follow new trends and try new things, their withdrawal from drinking Taiwanese beverages play a key role in determining whether Gong Cha will become a fad. We would use the following sampling frame to draw our actual samples. D.Sampling Frame

With the wide age range, we have conducted three focus groups in order to achieve the homogeneity of participants in each group by promoting better discussion and minimize the socioeconomic factors, like disposable income and to ensure full range of opinions will be represented. Three focus groups include: 1. Secondary school students with ages 15 to 18

2.University Students with ages 19 to 22...
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