Gone with the Wind

Topics: Love, Marriage, Gone with the Wind Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Desztiny Soto
English-Research Paper Mrs. Sass
March 24, 013

The book (Gone with the Wind) is written, with a simple linear plot that lasts about eight years. The events that took place were during the civil war, which changed the lives of everyone in the south. Scarlet was a seductive woman that made poor decisions throughout the novel. There was a land of cavallies and cotton fields called the Old South. A civilization gone with the wind (page 3 of the novel) the love of money is the main theme in this romantic tragedy. Margaret Mitchell wrote a book showing the deception of one’s family, friends, and loved ones when put in a difficult situation.

In a southern town known as Tara; Scarlet (main character) has her eyes set on a man named Ashley. Hearing that the apple of her eye is now marrying his cousin she was in denial. Scarlet states “He can’t possibly love her? He loves me!” She rations a way to stop the wedding; she thinks if she tells him that she loves him, he will not marry his cousin Melony. As she vented about how much she cared and loved him; he tried to block the conversation. Ashley states “I care but can’t we go away and forget we said this?”(Page 7) She now knows how he feels but he still insists on marrying Melony. Trying to hatch another plan; Melony’s brother William, asked Scarlet to take his hand in marriage. Observing the situation, she attempts to make Ashley jealous by marrying him; however, it did not work. William was sent to war right after the wedding where he eventually died. Scarlet went to Atlanta in mourning of her late husband, knowing that Ashley; her true love would be there at his base camp. To a shocking surprise he was not there,...
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