Golfers Elbow

Topics: Humerus, Injury, Muscle Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: December 4, 2010
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Golfers elbow is one of the most common injuries and easiest to get if golfers do not take care of themselves. Golfers elbow has many symptoms, ways to treat, and ways to prevent this injury that should be well known to every. I will talk about what to look for if someone thinks they have it, how to treat the injury once it’s been diagnosed, and how to prevent this injury from the start.

First, I will start with the symptoms of Golfers Elbow. These include muscular pain or tendon pain at the medial epicondyle of the elbow. This is the small point on the end of the humerus bone. This is a hotspot for many flexor muscles as wells as the triceps and biceps for the upper arm. Most victims experience a sharp pain at this bony point when the hands grasp an object or when the hands are rotated a certain way. If any pain is felt in this part of your elbow then contacting a doctor or expert is very important to prevent any further injuries that could lead to serious and permanent damage. These symptoms usually develop as a result of very common actions with the entire arm and hand such as closing the fingers into a curved position or bending the hand palm-ward. Individually these movements don’t cause any damage but when they are combined together they start to strain the muscles and tendons. Typical examples of this type of strain are when the fingers are curved to type or to grasp an object at the same time the wrist is curled palm-ward.

Treatment of this injury can be done in many ways, most of which involving time and natural healing. Bracing the arm so no further strain is done, flexibility exercises such as stretching your injured arm every day can both speed up the healing process if done correctly. Pain in the arm could last for up to 6-12 weeks. If the pain last longer than this period then serious injury could have occurred which would require formal rehabilitation.

Prevention of Elbow Tendinopathy, (golfers elbow),...
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