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Biscuits are the most selling food product in rural market and there for it has more opportunities to become the largest selling brand in very first year of its launch continues to be so till many days. I have chosen it because it because I think that the sales of this product has opportunity to increase their profit level. Biscuit is that product which can definitely work in rural market.

Golddy biscuits are very healthy for children. And there for has specially made for small children’s. This biscuits can grow from strength to strength but there are lots of competitions for this product in the market because there are already existed lots of highly competitive glucose biscuit categories in the market. There for this has to do more hard work to stay in the market.

Biscuit industry understands the need of the rural family and there for they make their product cheaper there for the rural family can take its benefit. Golddy biscuits are doing very good business in rural market.

Golddy Glucose Biscuits comes with the added goodness of wheat and milk. It is for modern mothers who play an enabling role for their children to compete in today's world and thus want the best. Golddy Glucose Biscuit is fortified with "Iron Zor"** with an attempt towards addressing the iron deficiency crisis the children of India face. IRON ZOR helps make mind sharper and body stronger. Golddy biscuit is committed to help secure every child's right to Growth & Development through good food every day. The Company's principal activity is the manufacture and sale of biscuits in rural and urban market.

India is the second largest producer of biscuits in the world after the U.S.A. but still the per capita consumption is only 2.3 kg/year of developed countries. As per the latest survey done by N.C.A.E.R., 49 biscuits are consumed in rural areas. The penetration of biscuits into households stands at an average of 83.2% with the rural penetration at 77% and urban penetration at 88%.

India’s vast rural market offers a huge potential for a marketer facing stiff competition in the urban markets. The rural market environment is very different from the familiar surroundings of the urban market. Rural consumers have customs and behaviors that the marketers may find difficult to contend with. The opportunities in the rural market are demonstrated by comparing consumption levels in urban and rural market for different product categories. The rural India accounts for over 75% of India's population. Rural market has become the strength of Indian market because the large size of population is in rural area. Incomes in rural India have improved dramatically. The rural markets are growing at about two time faster pace than urban markets. Many products are doing very well business in rural market.

Competition in rural markets is varied in nature and a marketer faces competition not only from other brands but also from substitutes, especially in places where the product is new to the consumer. Such situations are quite common in rural markets. Generally all organizations have competitors in the market. Golddy biscuits are also having competition in the market. And their though competitors are PARLE-G, BRITANNIA and ITC. According to me the share of the food product in rural market is as follows. BRITANNIA 48% PRIYAGOLD 20% PARLE-G 16% PURE FOOD 8% OTHERS 8% When we compared with other businesses then we follow the quality, price, distribution system, promotional strategy etc. of the competitors Golddy biscuits in this area is doing well. So this...
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