Golden Rice

Topics: Nutrition, Genetically modified organism, Genetically modified food Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Golden Rice is rice that has been genetically engineered to contain beta-carotene and other carotenoids in the endosperm, the edible part of the grain. When you eat the rice, some carotenoids are converted in the body into vitamin A. Golden rice was developed to be used in areas where there is a shortage of dietary vitamin A. People living on a poor diet are at risk of becoming vitamin A deficient, which can lead to life-threatening illnesses.

It is said that Golden Rice will help improve human nutrition. Around the world, 125 million children suffer from vitamin A deficiency, which can cause blindness and in severe cases death. Also, one million people die annually due to vitamin A deficiency and malnutrition. In developing countries rice is their main food and provides about 80% or more of daily calories. But, they are consuming white rice, which contains no form of vitamin A and a poor amount of any other micronutrients. Therefore, Golden Rice is expected to help overcome vitamin A deficiency in these countries and among the poor. A big question that has been asked is how much of the Golden Rice would have to be consumed in order to prevent vitamin A deficiency. It is said that combined with the diet that is already being eaten, Golden Rice is expected to have a significant impact in reducing malnutrition and premature death. It has been estimated that when the latest Golden Rice is consumed in normal amounts, along with other foods, that most of the daily requirements for vitamin A could be met. Tests will soon be carried out in humans to determine the amount of vitamin A that may be derived from the beta-carotene that is found in Golden Rice.

GMOs are microorganisms, plants and animals that have had their genes altered to produce a desired effect that is meant to benefit people in some way. Usually they are modified either to further scientific research or to alter the food supply. The benefits of GMOs include: better food quality and taste, they can...
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