Golden Ratio

Topics: Parthenon, Golden ratio, Leonardo da Vinci Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: January 15, 2013
The Golden Ratio

The theory of the Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano is extremely present today. While he was trying to sort out the number of rabbits that mated in a year, he discovered a series of numbers, that are profoundly consistent in man, nature & animals. This discovery was extraordinary, but he also found that the ratio always resulted in 1.618. Although it is called differently, this ratio is often called „the golden ratio“. It's marked with the Greek letter phi. It's just amazing how we've used it to create beauty in art & architecture, today you may find the golden ratio in everydays objects such as tables, couches, doors,posters, books and etc.

Because it is very pleasing to the eye, the golden ratio is used alot in art. Leonardo da Vinci used the golden ratio in many paintings including The Vetruvian Man"(The Man in Action)" The Annuncation, The Mona Lisa, St. Jerome, Micahelangelo in Holy Family, Raphael in Crucifixion, Rembrandt in the self-portrait by and other art works. The golden ratio was especially used in the Renaissance and by the greeks and the romans. Various important proportions of Michelangelo’s amazing sculpture, David, are carved in the Golden Ratio which looks stunning. In the human body, if we’d took a good look in the mirror we would notice that most of our body parts follow the numbers one, two, three and five. You have one nose, two eyes, three segments to each limb and five fingers on each hand. The proportions and measurements of the human body can also be divided up in terms of the golden ratio. Plenty of them think that the closer you are to the golden ratio, the more beautiful you are. If you divide the DNA spiral by its diameter, you get the ratio again. In nature we can find the goldren ratio in leaves,flowers... One trunk grows and produces a branch, resulting in two growth points. The main trunk then produces another branch, resulting in three...
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