Golden Girl

Topics: English-language films, Character, Jealousy Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: April 20, 2011
In the story “Golden Girl” by Gillian Chan, the protagonist, Donna, proves to be a very jealous character by her actions and by her words. Her jealousy for her best friend Anna becomes an overpowering quest to destroy any chance of Anna becoming popular again after she makes the mistake for falling for a student teacher. Donna first shows her jealousy for Anna when she says, “I used to hope that some of whatever she had would rub off on me. I mean, I deserved some pay-off for all the crap she dished out” (Chan 78-79). These words demonstrate Donna’s jealous character because this is what tells you that she is only hanging out with Anna because she wants to become popular. Her way of letting us know that the friendship between Anna and her is not true begins the plot for this story. Another way Donna proves to be a jealous character is by her actions. After suggesting to Anna to write a note to the student teacher, she goes up to Michael and says, “You’re never going to believe what she’s done now.” And hands Michael the note (Chan 91). This quotation demonstrates that Donna’s jealousy has taken over the best of her. She was trying to replace Anna by setting her up for a big fall down but it all backfired on her when Michael called her vicious and defended Anna. The last piece of evidence that shows Donna is jealous of Anna occurs at the end of the story. Donna thinks to herself, “I never told anyone, though. There was no point. After all, gold just keeps shining. It’s only us cheap imitations that tarnish and get junked” (Chan 92). This is when Donna realizes that all of this jealousy and hatred between them will never stop Anna from coming back on top. She realizes that no matter how hard she trys to overpower Anna, she will always come out on top. Through her words and her actions, Donna proves that she is an extremely jealous girl.
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