Golden Gate Park Concession Management

Topics: Japanese garden, San Francisco, Golden Gate Park Pages: 4 (1504 words) Published: May 2, 2013
A concession is a business that is operated in a given geographical area and the duration of the concession depends on that details stated in the contract. The owner of the concession must pay a fixed fee to the person who owns the rights to the location of the business operation. Golden Gate Park is a fine example when talking about concession management because the park has many different businesses and festivals. Golden Gate Park was created in the 1870’s because San Franciscans believed they needed a park much like New York’s Central Park. The park was created from sand dunes and shores that were known as the ‘Outside Lands’. At 1,000 acres long the park stands a symbol for natural beauty. Throughout the years Golden Gate Park has attracted many entertaining facilities and events. For example, the legendary free Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane concerts that took place in the1970’s and also the Japanese Tea Garden. There are number of other concessions that are in the park as well such as the Golden Gate Carousel, and the Outside Lands Festival. Smaller concessions also take place in the park such as weddings, picnics, and corporate events, however these all need to be paid for in advance by contacting the San Francisco Parks and Recreation (Golden Gate Park).. Despite there being a large amount wonderful concessions in the park that are beneficial towards San Francisco’s economy and its citizens some San Francisco locals are beginning to become worried. Some fear that by privatizing the park it is taking away from Golden Gates charm that it once had. One example of this privatization is the rising cost to rent space in the park due to the amount of money events like Outside Lands brings in to the park (Jones).

The Golden Gate Carousel is located at the children’s playground, and was built in 1881. Since than there have been three carousels, they have always showcased beautiful animals and decorative panels, also organ music is played when it is on...
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