Golden Fruit

Topics: Fruit, Orange, English-language films Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Golden Fruit
Golden fruit is the essay to expose life from the fruit of Orange and comparing with life that what the different character that all the man we have in this world. A A. Milne tries to tell us that there is a different character, different manner of living in this human world. In short, by using an Orange little fruit, he tries to conveying that there is a number of what to live in in this world. Abraham Lincoln sent the letter to the headmaster of his son schooling, “teach him to learn, to loose and also to enjoy winning.” Orange fruit is sour, still then it is very useful in many ways. A. A. Milne must like to tell us to achieve everything that we can, like this little orange fruit. Life is sometimes very difficult to handle it, and sometimes the best things in life are need to be waiting for. However, if we are in this world, we must enter into the hardship and there are no obstacles, and no shortcut, it means we must fight for our living, we must learn how to loose sometimes and to enjoy winning. This is the best policy of what we can take it from this golden fruit. It is very simple to handle it; it is sour, but more attractive than the other fruit. The peel, the sour, and the pimps, all from each single fruit is sometimes very useful for many purposes. At least, while the little single orange was always good and useful for others, we the human being must try to good for others. In this essay, Milne gives us an example. A peach is a fruit that is very difficult to take care. By using this simple sentence, he tries to teach us that as we are in this world, we must control and take care ourselves and not to be difficult in a bad place or in a hardship. If the world is not easy to take care, we must try to keep wisdom. Comparing with this fruit, the writer wants to tell us that we have to learn and by heart again the proverb, “honesty is the best policy.” If life is going to be bad sometimes (even the best of us) it begins to be bad from the...
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