Golda Meir

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Through showing intellectually competency, religious attitudes, and commitment to justice, Golda Meir is a profound example of an Ignatian leader. Over the course of her lifetime, Meir was able to promote her intelligence, her beliefs, and her just ideals in order to create a better society for those around her.

Golda Meir, who lived from May 3, 1898 to December 3,1978, was most famously known for being a Zionist Labor leader. She served as a foreign minister in Israel from 1956 to 1966. Later in 1969, she became the fourth prime minister in Israel to lead her people. Meir’s parents were Moshe and Bluma Mabovitch who raised her as their daughter in Kiev, Ukraine. As a young adult, she taught in local schools and was consistently active in the Labor Zionist party since she was one of the leaders.

In 1928, Meir became the secretary for the Working Women's Council after she moved to Palestine. Later in her life, because of severe illnesses that were going on in her family, she moved to Tel Aviv. There, she began working at Histadruth's Office of Public Works as the treasurer. Later, she became the kibbutz’s representative to the Histadruth. This meant that she also became the secretary of that organization’s Women’s Labor Council from 1928 to 1932. In that same general era of time, Golda Meir was also a devout member of the executive committee from 1934 until World War.

She reigned for nine months as prime minister, Golda Meir had faltering health issues but she still was able to prove her abilities to the country. After the election in 1973, Meir was able to shape a government. She ruled with a great amount of success and fairness, which allowed for her to win the favor of her people. However, her cabinet was not able to agree on policies. Because of this disagreement, Meir resulted in resigning as prime minister a year later when she reached April 10, 1974.

Back when she was a minister of labor from 1949 and 1956, Meir carried out...
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