Gold Star Mothers: Pilgrimage of Remembrance

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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“Gold Star Mothers: Pilgrimage of Remembrance”

It was 1914 and World War I had begun with Austria- Hungary declaring war on Serbia. A couple years later after the war had still been going on, Germany attacks the United States in the Atlantic causing their involvement. In 1918, two million men joined the service in helping the United States. Women had to deal with the fact that their loved ones would be leaving and possibly never return. Not allowed to cry or show any emotion of sadness. Now, they leave the women at home independent and children without the father figure. They were mother figures, daughters, sisters and grandmothers. These strong women protested against World War I, and how the men they loved were drafted. With their father, brother and/ or husband gone, their bodies as well would never be seen again unless going overseas. Every mother who had a son put a blue star on their window and on their flags they put a gold star. In pursuing these actions of remembrance, this later gave them the term to be known as the Gold Star Mothers. This group was formed for all women, mainly widows, who did not remarry. They were mainly first and second generation immigrants with large families, ageing on average between 61 and 65 years of age. The group of women were somewhat provided with a closer bond in creation of the group almost like that of a crusade so to speak. The term gold star was given in honor of their sacrifice. In 1920, the Gold Star Mothers started gaining political power. Due to the many gravesites in Europe, the women had all decided that they wanted to venture overseas and see there fallen loved ones. After finding out over 30,000 men’s bodies remained overseas the mothers took action. The wrote a bill saying that this could happen and sent it to legislation but the bill never reached the floor for a vote and was endorsed for legion in 1927. This did not stop the women from getting what they desired and two years later in...
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