Gold Placer Processing Plant

Placer mining

Gold placer processing include: screening - sorting - purification

There are three gold placer mineral processing equipment, first screening equipment, second sorting equipment,third purification equipment. Placer screening device commonly used is drum screen. Drum sieve has advantages of a thorough screening, attempting to prevent the screen, energy-saving, efficient and so many advantages, is the ideal placer ore screening equipment.Sorting equipment have a variety of equipment available for re-election, but the most widely used device is a jig, chosen in other placer capable of handling large, high recovery, energy conservation, efficiency, environmental advantages, the recovery rate is generally 95% or more.

Purification equipment is relatively simple, using amalgamation equipment - amalgamation tube purification of the amalgamation of the re-election of gold concentrates, such purification method with less investment, quick, and up to 98% gold recovery.Another belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, etc. are the ancillary equipment, and processing by professional manufacturers, product quality and life expectancy are reliable protection.

Characteristics of the three gold placer mineral processing

The beneficiation process core equipment is the jig, the main sorting method is re-election, with energy efficient, environmentally friendly characters. Using amalgamation barrel for amalgamation purification, purification has high efficiency, small investment, quick, high recoveries of gold. In addition, mercury ointment can be used repeatedly, almost no harm to the environment and health of workers. Gold placer re-election process is by far the easiest, most economical and most effective placer gold beneficiation process . In large-scale gold mining vessels and large-scale placer gold processing plant , always adopt this way to deal with gold dust. For more information ,please visit:
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