Gold Peak 2

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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* Weekly and monthly in-person meetings were held in China. European generally absent. * Weekly videoconferences between both China and UK
* Internal website to expedite approval process and document milestones in product development * Standard means of communication such as emails and telephone calls * majority of the high end acoustic products are still produced by the UK division which defeats the objective * was hard to hire and retain Chinese with the right caliber to create high end products * language barrier and cultural differences between personnel from both countries inhibits the free exchange of knowledge and creation of knowledge * reluctance for the British to share their knowledge – job security * Chinese workers are found to be conservatives to risk taking, lacking of open discussion and subject to put weights on hierarchical values. * In a educational aspect, they have been taught more about memorizing facts and theory rather than problem solving and co-work. * High-low contest

* Permission to start work
* Employee exchange
* + of acq
1) Its low spending on r&D hence fast and efficient method 2) Chinese sector still low tech strat, but GP moving to medium 3) Competitive edge over odr Chinese, tiwenese cos
* to retain the key employees and their knowledge, to entail successfully a new product development process * celestion cut down 16 to 10. Apprehension
* GPE R&D centers are organized following a reverse hub model. * The R&D center in UK is acting as innovation hub for the company's high end products where in the other hand the new R&D centers in China and Hong Kong act as specialized R&D sites and perform specific R&D functions.

* 1. Change R&D organization model
* The company has to change that and to move its R&D organization model to a real Network Model with three centers of competences in UK, Shenzhen China and Hong Kong. In order to do...
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