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Assignment 1

Top Athletes and Teams of the 20C

A: Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens was a popular American track and field athlete and civil rights leader. He was expert in the sprints and the long jump. In the 1936 Olympics held in Germany, he won four gold medals in the 100 meters, 200 meters, long jump and as part of the 4x100 meters relay team. That time, there was a serious racial discrimination in USA. He supported against racial discrimination so he had been criticized by Olympics. He believed the Olympic belief was beyond the political and noting to do with the war.

B1: Mark Spitz
Mark Spitz was an American swimmer. In the 1972 Olympics held in Munich, he won seven gold medals and he was been the most gold medals in one session before 2008. He was the only one in all individuals participating and all won the gold medal. It broke the world record. When he was ten years old, he developed the talent. And he Maintained 17 American records and a world record. When he first times to join the international competition in the 1965 Maccabiah Games, he was 15 years old and he won four gold medals.

B2: Carl Lewis
Carl Lewis is an American former track and field athlete. In the 100 meters, 200 meters, long jump and x 400 meters relay team, he won 10 Olympic medals including 9 gold. He participated in seven games in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and he won 4 gold medals. He tied the Jesse Owens’s record. When Atlanta Olympics, he won the long jump gold medal, this is his fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal and tied Al Oerter’s record. In 2000, IAAF selected him as the 20th century's greatest track and field athletes.

C1: Deng Yaping
Deng Yaping is a Chinese table tennis player. Whether is woman single or double, she won four Olympic gold medals in 1992 Barcelona and 1996 Atlanta. She occupied the ITTF Women's World Ranking first in eight years. Also, she won six...
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