Gold Etfs in India

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Statement of Purpose :-

Investing in gold or other precious metals is very popular these days, but precious metal investing requires special attention to the logistics of the purchase. The logistics referred to are the problems of security, insurance, physical handling, storage, moving, and reselling, along with many others.

Gold ETF funds provide a method for investing in gold that eliminates these issues.

Gold has always been a popular investment and is often used as a hedge in uncertain times and in uneasy markets. Gold ETFs have become a popular way to trade and invest in gold. The gold ETF was created to allow investors to have exposure to the price performance of gold without dealing with the physical and security problems of owning gold itself.

The aim is to study Gold ETF as an investment option with a focus on Indian market using the skills, knowledge and tools learnt during KSOU UBS Executive MBA curriculum.

Gold ETF – Overview

What Does Gold ETF Mean?

Gold ETF is verbal shorthand for Gold Exchange Traded Fund. An Exchange Traded Fund is precisely what the name suggests, a security that tracks an index, a commodity (like gold), or a bundle of assets (think index fund) but can be bought and sold throughout the trading day like a stock

A gold exchange traded fund is designed to track the price of gold. The way this is accomplished can vary greatly from one gold ETF to another.

Aims & Objectives of the Study :-

Primary Objective:

To study Gold ETF as an investment option in Indian market perspective

Secondary Objectives:

a) To learn about ETF basics - Understand what is ETF, how it works, benefits of ETF, different types of ETF, in the global perspective b) To learn about different ways to trade in Gold ETF
c) Gold ETF v/s other ways to invest in Gold
d) To learn about Gold ETF investment options available in India e) To assess the comparative...
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