Going to School Should Be Made Optional for Children

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Going to school should be made optional for children. Give your opinion. by : Aiman Hizami b. Samsuri, G150, 12 a.m. 8/9/2012.

Education is the most profitable business ever. However, it does not generate money but it creates profitable human to contribute their effort for the country. It is strongly disagree to say that going to school should be made optional for children because it will lead to the development of less-educated young generation and also the decrement of nation’s future leadership. It is a fact that schools provide a long-life learning system which balance between mental, emotion, spiritual and physical needs of a person. To make the schools as an option for children also means to make the education, the vital aspect of life, as an option for them. Obviously, this will lower the educational level among future, young generation which eventually leads to other serious problems such as unemployment, crimes and poverty. Moreover, the negative effect does not stop there, it will also influence our country’s future line ups. It is no doubt that the schools play an important role as the center for instilling social skills and leadership qualities among students. It is totally a bad step for abandoning the school by making it as an option for children, as they will not get to develop their social and leadership skills. This surely gives a massive impact in our country’s administration and eventually leads to a complete destroy of the nation’s future leadership. In conclusion, going to school should be obligatory for children because abandoning it will result in the born of low-educated young generation and also the disintegration of our country’s future administration.

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