Going Green

Topics: Employment, Economics, Efficient energy use Pages: 6 (2185 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Elisabeth Cerasoli
Professor Ersinghaus
Composition 2
October, 17, 2011
A Green Future or Green Disaster Green jobs are just one of the ways that the government is trying to preserve and improve the economy. Green jobs are supposed to be able to improve as while as increase the job rates. They can clean up and bring awareness to the communities about the economy, and it can open new fields for development like technology. In a letter sent by the American supply Association to President Barrack Obama about the efficiency retrofits in legislation to make green jobs to improve the economy, they say “that the work made by coalition with Water Sense Program, is an example of ASA’s increase activity in the industry. It adds that the program of ASA and partners can improve the employment and reduce energy consumption” (ASA 1). The American supply Association is an organization dedicated to helping improve job creation. They appeal to Washington, D.C. in hope for leadership for job creation. Data supports the efficiency retrofits in legislation for the American supply Association. This organization can improve the economy as well as the employment rate. GreenBiz.com, a website that published a report called State of Green Business 2010 documented efforts made by major retailers to improve and maintain standards in health, green product development and safety. Wal-Mart stores, Inc. was part of the documentation, in which they set “sustainability standards for thousands of its products”. By doing this Wal-Mart pressured other retailers, whole sales suppliers to environmentally improve. In Maya Payne Smart article The business of Green Maryanne Howland is president and CEO of Ibis Communications, which is a firm that does marketing communication in Tennessee, she has been watching these retailers, like Wal-Mart stores, Inc. make their improvements. Upcoming new businesses and people looking for work should include in their programs the green practices that have been started. Howland is a member of a community of socially responsible businesses known as Social Venture Network. This Social Venture Network says “if this is where the world is going and you’re thinking about staying in business, you’ve got to follow the money” (Howland 5). In her article, In order for employment rates to increase and businesses to prosper these measures need to be taken into effect. Businesses need to make money to successfully sustain their business. According to Carolyn Green, co-founder and managing partner of EnerGreen Capital Management, “For anything to be sustainable it has to make money, and it must add value to existing companies or products” (Green 3). According to Green, if the government wants to create green jobs to benefit the economy then they have to be ready to spend a costly amount of money. They will also have to gain the support of the citizens because most likely the money they receive to afford this type of economy friendly system will come from the taxes of its citizens. Though, money is a growing issue for most people according to the Pew Charitable Trust a nonprofit organization. They state that “Estimates of green job growth indicate broad interest in this sector. Global Insight, a leading forecasting company, predicts 2.5 million new green jobs by 2018 and 4.2 million by 2038, including renewable power generation, residential and commercial retrofitting, renewable transportation fuels, and 15 positions in engineering, legal, research, and consulting” (Pewtrusts 3). This organization is determined to creating a clean energy economy and figures that green jobs will benefit their cause as well as boost the economy to another level. This organization is predicting a green economy and creating more jobs. If green jobs can improve the economy as well as develop new eco-friendly technology then it’s better to spend a substantial amount of money now because...
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