Going for the Look

Topics: United States, Customer, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: April 25, 2011
From the article “Going for the Look, but Risking Discrimination” of the New York Times, written by Steven Greenhouse, Steven discusses how companies that practiced hiring based on the look, not the degree, are being discriminated. These companies only hire workers who are “simply good looking” in order to increase their business. I did not agree with Lennox and Cohen’s argument because his argument disregards criteria such as one’s intelligence and experience. Company such as Abercrombie, hired workers based on their appearances, is setting a bad example for America. Their workers, especially their models, do not portray the image of true Americans. Not all Americans are skinny have six-pack. If every companies practice hiring base on one’s appearance such as height, weight, and skin tone, Asian, Mexican and African American are at risk of being unemployed. This is unfair because one cannot do much to change their height and skin tone. For example, majority of Asian are petite; majority of Mexican are chubby, and majority of African American have dark skin. These are factors that the individuals cannot change. Companies need to look beyond once appearances. The strategy of hiring good looking people can help increase profit will not always work out. For example, we can have a good looking model wear the company outfit but if that person does not know how to greet, assist, and promote the product through talking and recommending the customers, that model is no better than a manikin. Certainly a manikin cannot recommend and direct individuals to find what they care looking for. On the other hand, an intelligent sale person might not look better than the manikin or a good looking model, but he or she can promote their sale through friendly services and assist customers to meet the customer’s needs. Besides intelligent, we need to take into account of experience. Of course having a good looking waiter or waitress can attract more customers; however, if that...
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